Tours guided by refugees

SHADES TOURS organises moving tours
and activities in Vienna on socially
polarising topics.

Tours on Refuge & Integration

Was does it mean to flee from your home country? What are the reasons? What are the Austrian policies on asylum and integration?
How do you start a new life in a foreign country when you had to give up your previous one?

Refugees and integration are a polarized issue in our society. We believe that it is important to explain these controversial and complex issues in order to enhance understanding and empathy. And who could better explain than people who took the decision to flee their country?

We offer these tours for

What can you expect from this tour?

The guides talk about their experiences while fleeing from their home country and explain the Austrian asylum procedure and the integration of refugees at the different stations.

Through social-political content and emotional components, the tours shed light on a world that we often only know from media reports. At the same time, you contribute to the integration of the guide.

This is not a sightseeing tour – this is a tour about life.  It therefore is an educational tour on a socio-politic topic.

Questions like “What are the reasons for the flight?”, “How does the Austrian asylum procedure work?” And “How do you feel in a foreign country?” come up. In addition, you have the opportunity to ask an affected person any questions that you have about the subject.

"Where do you start to rebuild your life, when you have lost everything?"

Perrine Schober, Founder of SHADES TOURS