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This authentic, professional and insightful tour will submerge you into a mostly hidden and unseen world. During this 2-hour tour your guide will provide you with a mix of facts and personal stories that illustrate the complexity of homelessness. (without being voyeuristic!).

  • For whom?

    If you are bored of historical tours and want to discover something new, you might enjoy ours!

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    Our tours take place throughout the year. spring – summer – autumn – winter

  • Why?

    To provide you with an informative and emotional experience, to make a difference.

„Poverty is when you still have something to loose.
Homelessness is when you don’t have anything to loose anymore“

- The SHADES TOURS Guides -

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You will meet your guide at the main train station Hauptbahnhof. After a brief check-inround, your guide will introduce you to the topic of homelessness. What challenges do homeless people face? How does the Viennese social system work? How do social institutions help? The tour will end in the park Schweizer Garten next to the station Quartier Belvedere.

Your SHADES TOURS Experience

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"I was amazed by the guides openness, honesty, and vulnerability throughout the tour which provided me with a fresh perspective of the city I now call home.  I greatly appreciated the information and anecdotes and I would like to think I learned a great deal. I highly recommend Shades Tours to those looking for an honest and informative experience.  This tour has genuinely changed my life."
- Eric, 35

"I did not expect to be impacted so profoundly by the information and the stories that were shared by our guide.  The tour changed that way I view the city in which I now live.  The issues surrounding homelessness and the institutions working to remedy the issues are no longer so invisible to me.  I would strongly recommend SHADES TOURS to anyone looking for a different experience in Vienna."
- Jen, 34

"I got to see a different perspective in Vienna and think about bigger problems we face as humans. The stories I heard were moving and action provoking. It was probably the most important thing I did in that city during that week."
- Marko, 38

""A different way of seeing Vienna through Shades Tours's guide, Barbara. Understanding the life of homeless people and how the social system of Vienna works. Amazing what Caritas, Diakonie and the city of Vienna do to make sure they are well and safe. Barbara, you're a great inspiring woman! I'm humbled and thankful to have met you! Take this tour! It's amazing." "
- Andra, 36

"This touching tour of Vienna’s underbelly ends near the glamorous Belvedere Palace – much more likely to be a first stop on a typical guided tour. I know that this experience has changed me. As I wander through the city that I now call home, I won’t just be hypnotized by its surface beauty – I’ll be more aware of those whose life quality won’t be noted in a Mercer survey."
- Juanita, 44

"Inspirational, informative, and impactful. The tour has confirmed to me that everyone should learn more about the topic - what better way to do so then learning about it from someone who has experienced it?"
- Dusan, 28

"Big thanks to Dieter - our tour guide - for the extremely interesting tour. It was very touching, inspiring and “eye-opening”. Highly recommended for all those who want to get to know Vienna from a different angle and want to look behind the façade. Congratulations to the team of Shades Tours for this successful project!"
- Daniela, 26

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